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welcome to the koroba-realm.net internet community. koroba-realm.net is a member based user community, heavily populated by internet gamers. it is our goal to try and help provide internet resources that will allow gamers to interact freely with other gamers out of game. if your group would like to join the koroba-realm.net community, please contact the koroba-realm.net gatekeeper.

New Upload Listing 5/16/04 - 12:00
Upon logging in you will now be directed to a new uploads page, which will show you all new uploads since your last login.
Upload Constraints Removed 5/8/04 - 12:00
We removed the uplaod cap, 200meg files may now be uploaded.
koroba-realm.net online 5/1/04 - 12:00
well its may and we are up and running. currently there is a 4meg upload cap per file, this issue is being worked. it should be noted that the protected file feature, is not currently working. users beware!
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